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List ManagementNational Fundraising Lists is a recognized list brokerage and management firm specializing in fundraising for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in the charitable, political and religious fields. Because we work exclusively with nonprofits, our company has a special relationship with the nonprofit community. NFL has over 25 years’ experience in the list business and has proved to be a leader in this ever-evolving industry time and time again. We offer a variety of customer-oriented services including list brokerage, list management, customized and tailored detailed reporting on every aspect of our clients’ accounts, and our newest service – online acquisition. 

In today’s complex marketplace, the strongest fundraising programs use integrated strategies across multiple channels. NFL works across multiple channels (direct mail, online, telemarketing, DRTV, and others) to ensure our clients the strongest returns on their investments in direct-response fundraising.

National Fundraising Lists specializes in identifying the best audiences for fundraising causes. We take great pride in our services and experience. So if you’re looking to target new prospective donors with your campaigns, or if you’re looking to enhance the relationship with your current lists, NFL is the place for you. Contact us today – we look forward to discussing your needs and how National Fundraising Lists can make a difference for your direct mail and online marketing needs.

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