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190MM+ consumer profiles aggregated into audiences, anonymized, and decoupled from media

Unique insights on high-value prospects translated into over 60 media properties

Real-time insights = Real results

AudienceFirst, powered by Fluent, is made up of unique, self-declared data from nearly 1 million consumers daily. The data-driven targeting of these 60+ media properties will bring real-time data to your campaigns. You’ll see the difference in response with opt-in US consumers aggregated into over 700 million high-value prospects, including real-time insights focused on medical consumers, disease sufferers, political issues, current events, and much more.

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2020 Active Independents
2020 Dedicated Democrats
2020 Responsive Republicans
Arthritis Sufferers
AudienceFirst Insights - Charitable Donors
AudienceFirst Insights - Cancer
AudienceFirst Insights - Chronic Pain
AudienceFirst Insights - Diabetes
AudienceFirst Insights - Education
AudienceFirst Insights - Flu Shot
AudienceFirst Insights - Health Insurance
AudienceFirst Insights - Heart Disease
AudienceFirst Insights - High School Graduates
AudienceFirst Insights - Medical
AudienceFirst Insights - Mental Health
AudienceFirst Insights - Political Issues
AudienceFirst Insights - Political Party
AudienceFirst Insights - Prescription Medication
AudienceFirst Insights - Purchasing Power
AudienceFirst Insights - Relationship Status
AudienceFirst Insights - Weight Loss
Bernie Sanders Supporters
Bundle of Joy- New Baby
Chronic Migraine Sufferers
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Sentiments
Democratic Candidate Supporters
Diabetic Supply Users
Digestive Issues
Donald Trump for 2020 Supporters
Empower Women On The Right
Enhanced Masterfile
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Hair Loss Sufferers
Health Insurance Shoppers
Hearing Loss Sufferers
Hernia Mesh Implant
In Need of Primary Care Doctor
Incontinence Sufferers
Insomnia Sufferers
Irritable Bowel Disease Sufferers
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers
Joe Biden Supporters
Knee Pain Sufferers
Leukemia and Lymphoma Sufferers
Lupus Sufferers
Medical Alert System Users
Medicare & Medicaid Coverage
Neuropathy Sufferers
No Trump for 2020
Nuclear Power- For and Against
Psoriasis Sufferers
Skin Ailments
Trump Administration Support of School Choice
Vitamin/Supplement Users

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