List Management


Your dedicated NFL list strategist and broker/manager team will work together to research new list ideas based on your package focus, secure approval on high-value lists, negotiate competitive pricing, and market your file to increase usage and list rental revenue. We focus on developing realistic expectations based on historical usage, marketplace trends, and our ability to project exchange capabilities and increase rental revenues. 


  We understand your market. Knowing how to market your file is only the beginning. Through our list management and brokerage experience, we know the best audience for your file and the channels to reach them.   

  Our numbers prove it. NFL list managers effectively process thousands of exchange and rental list orders each year, resulting in millions of dollars in list rental revenue for our clients.  

  It really is all about the data. Our detailed analyses and reports offer key insights to guide list management strategy.

  We’re the full package. Our creative marketing approach for our list properties, featuring unique offers and messaging rooted in building personal relationships, is backed by our data-driven mindset and detailed recordkeeping.    

NFL will maintain detailed exchange balance records and work to build exchange relationships with organizations vital to the success of your acquisition program. While NFL will strive to secure approval on large exchange quantities for each campaign to maximize your investment, we will also work to achieve and exceed your list rental revenue goals. 


How can we help you maximize your list management potential? 

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